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Our team members have produced a number of short videos describing the MWA and its science. You can watch a time-lapse video of moonrise over the MWA, a movie of the radio sky drift over the telescope, an episode of the ABC Landlines program that features the telescope, and many more...

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The MWA style guide, powerpoint slides, and more can be found here...

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Prizes and Honors in the MWA Collaboration

  • 2020 - Professor Steven Tingay (Curtin) was jointly named WA's Scientist of the Year , for his impactful research and early leadership of the MWA project.
  • 2020 - Professor Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (Curtin) received the Curtin Award for International Academic Partnerships, for 'Recognising outstanding contributions to the development of partnerships with international universities or academic institutions that enhance the Faculty’s global engagement in research', notably due to her work as MWA Director. 
  • 2018 - Akash Kumar Patwa (RRI) received the Best Poster Award in Young Astronomers' Meet (YAM) organized at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) for his work titled "On detecting 21-cm signal from EoR using drift scan data from MWA."
  • 2018 - Surajit Mondal (NCRA, Pune, India) received the Best Poster Award in the Sun and Solar System category in the annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of India for his work titled "Ionospheric Studies Using By-products of a Low-radio Frequency Solar Imaging Pipeline."
  • 2018 - Wenyang Li (Brown) received third prize in the US National Radio Science Meeting Paper Competition for his paper "Comparison redundant and sky model based interferometric calibration: A first look with phase II of the MWA."
  • 2017 - Dr John Goldsmith, Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker (Curtin), and The GLEAM Team were jointly awarded the "Best Timelapse Video" award for the GLEAM/Visible timelapse.
  • 2016 - Akshay Suresh (IISER, Pune, India) was awarded the Outstanding Student Paper Award under the Space Physics and Aeronomy section at the AGU Fall General Assembly for his work titled "Wavelet Based Characterization of Low Radio Frequency Solar Emission."
  • 2016 - Daniel Ung (Curtin) was awarded 1st prize in the 2016 FEKO Student Competition for his entry "Embedded Element Pattern Beam Model for Murchison Widefield Array"
  • 2015 - Michael Busch (ASU) wins ASU's inaugural Origins Undergraduate Research Scholarship to improve the MWA's EoR foreground subtraction utilizing VLA observations of bright sources.
  • 2015 - Cleo Loi and Tara Murphy (U. Sydney) win the Open Category of the 2015 Canon Extreme Imaging Competition, for their work with the MWA.
  • 2015 - Dr. Adrian Liu (Berkeley/MIT) wins 2015 Origins Prize for pioneering work in 21 cm cosmology as a postdoctoral scholar.
  • 2015 - Cleo Loi (U. Sydney) wins the 2015 Bok Prize from the Astronomical Society of Australia for her ground-breaking research with the MWA on plasma tubes in the Earth's magnetosphere. The Bok Prize is presented to "recognise outstanding research in astronomy by an Honours student or eligible Masters student."
  • 2015 - MWA honored for impact to Australian Space Sciences in the Thomson Reuters Citation and Innovation Awards 2015. Read the CAASTRO and Curtin University press releases.

Student Army Blog

Experience the construction of the MWA through the eyes of the Student Army who journeyed to the Outback in July 2012 to assemble and deploy all 2048 pairs of dipole antennas for the array.

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