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Shadow Minister of Science and CSIRO CEO visited the MWA

CSIRO’s incoming CEO, Prof. Doug Hilton, together with the Shadow Minister for Science, Hon. Paul Fletcher, embarked on a notable tour of the MWA as an integral part of their visit to the  Inyarrimanha Ilgari Bundara Murchison Radio Astronomy Observatory. The said visit not only marked a collaborative effort to foster a deeper appreciation for the MWA operations, but also underscored the impressive works undertaken by both institutions, especially in the field of astronomy.

Accompanying them in the said visit is an eminent cohort comprising of Rebecca Wheadon, Site Entity Leader, CSIRO Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory; Dr. Sarah Pearce, Director of SKA Low Telescope, Associate Professor Randall Wayth of Murchison Widefield Array, Curtin University; Dr. Douglas Bock, Director of CSIRO Space and Astronomy, and Prof. Eleanor Huntington, Executive Director of CSIRO Digital, National Facilities and Collections.

(From Left to Right) Rebecca Wheadon, MROSE; Dr Sarah Pearce, Director, SKA-Low Telescope; A/Prof Randall Wayth, MWA, Curtin University; Prof Doug Hilton, CEO, CSIRO; Hon Paul Fletcher, MP, Shadow Minister for Science · Dr Douglas Bock, Director CSIRO Space & Astronomy; Prof Eleanor Huntington, Executive Director, CSIRO Digital, National Facilities and Collections
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